Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

Odd One Out

Odd One Out is a series of games where you’ll be challenged to find the hidden differences among six or twelve nearly identical pictures! These challenging observational puzzles are sure to work your brain and are enjoyable for both kids and adults! If you’re a fan of playing puzzle games, you’ll have a blast playing Odd One Out! The app is compatible for all Android devices and is free to play, download to test your brain today!



Have you ever wanted to test your observational skills with puzzles and brain teasers? Odd One Out Saga has over 300 individual observation games and teasers that will test you to see if your can spot the hidden differences in each pair of pictures. Improve your object identification and difference detection skills to give your brain a good workout while playing exclusive games. Every puzzle is unique, forcing you to find the difference between fantastic illustrations and high quality photos, including some of celebrities and pop culture!

* Whats New?
1. 300+ New levels!
2. Daily Bonus – Spin Wheel!

* How to Play:
The app reveals six or twelve photos illustrations. The pictures may appear to be exactly alike but with a closer look you’ll find hidden differences and objects. Tap or click on the differences but be careful; if you tap on the wrong part of the image, you lose time. The faster you finish a level, the higher your score. Go through each of the 300+ unique levels and games to really sharpen your skills and challenge your brain!

* Features:
– Challenging collection of observational puzzles and teasers
– Find hidden objects and differences in over 300+ levels
– Fantastic illustrations and high quality photos in every puzzle
– Amazing sound effects
– Great for brain training and developing focus
– Plenty of powers and power ups to unlock- Featuring photos of famous celebrities and pop culture
– Great for fans of puzzle games. Odd One Out is a fun and exciting way to train your brain and sharpen mental skills.

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